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Pheasant Tail Fly Fishing

Ahrex Flexistripper

Ahrex Flexistripper

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The Flexistripper is an easy-to-use alternative to a traditional stripping basket. Compared to the Flexistripper features no sides but has other advantages over the traditional basket. Under normal conditions, the belt is carried around the hip. When wading deeper, move the belt up on your torso until the Flexistripper clears the water. The flexible high-quality neoprene belt makes this possible with no or minimal adjustment.


For a right handed caster the most natural placement of the Flexistripper will be slightly to the left, and for a left handed caster slightly to the right. How much depends on personal preference, and in strong sidewind, you can move the Flexistripper further to the side to keep it out of the wind.


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