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Pheasant Tail Fly Fishing

Hardy Aydon Fly Rod

Hardy Aydon Fly Rod

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Fast streams in Alaska with egg-munching trout, wet wading a smallmouth bass river in the middle of summer with a popper, tight and brushy streams where precision is crucial to success, the list of areas and fish goes on. Still, Hardy’s Aydon Fly Rod provides a tool that can keep up with it all. Combining exceptional performance with all the versatility you need, the Aydon is a series of rods designed with equal parts power, precision, and fast recovery. The Aydon pairs a lightweight feel with top-notch componentry like its Sintrix carbon fibre blank and custom-designed reel seat, giving the angler a reliable rod that can be cast all day long. Designed in line weights 3 through 8, the Aydon provides an option for lighter applications like native trout and heavier-weight fish like freshly-run steelhead.  


Sintrix - The Aydon series begins with Hardy’s Sintrix blank, giving the angler solid casting, quick recovery, and the right line speed. Hardy’s Sintrix combines high-modulus carbon fibre with a rapid taper to give you an ultra-fast rod that can throw a tight loop into the wind yet still maintain a solid feel when casting up close. And with the Sintrix tech, you also get outstanding durability due to microscopic silica spheres encompassing each carbon fibre filament. 

To complement those forested streams, Hardy’s Aydon blank sports a clean olive-green color.


Ceramic Lined Stripping Guides - Made with Ceramic Lined Stripping Guides, the Aydon offers solid line slickness with all of the durability you’d expect.  

Hard Chrome Single-Foot Snake Guides - A single-foot design shaves down weight, while a Hard-Chrome build gives excellent durability and shoot ability. A solid guide configuration, the Ceramic Lined Stripping Guides, and Hard Chrome Snake Guides combine to enhance the castability of this rod series further.   

Reel Seat

Custom-Designed Lightweight Reel Seat - Made with a Hardy custom design and a focus on a lightweight feel, the Aydon’s reel seat remains durable for years without bogging the rod down. And with a dual-uplocking reel seat, you can put confidence in the fact that you won’t be spending all afternoon tightening the locking rings.  

Rod Tube

Ready for travel–whether that’s a busy airport or a tight trail en route to this week’s home base–Hardy equips their Aydon Rods in a tough rod tube. Unlike most rod tubes, this one features a squared shape for further ease of storage.  

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Rod Action: Medium-Fast action

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