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Pheasant Tail Fly Fishing

Hardy Ultralite X Fly Rod

Hardy Ultralite X Fly Rod

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Replacing and building on their Wraith series of rods, Hardy’s Ultralite X Family picks up where those left off to provide you with a super-fast high-performance fly rod. Crafted with a rapid taper, the Ultralite X is a fast rod with enough power to throw long casts, chuck big flies when necessary, and handle windy and inclement weather, yet, unlike other super-fast rods, it still has enough “feel” to let you enjoy those short casts to fish rising in front of you. Made with Hardy’s Sintrix NSX and a high modulus carbon fiber, the Ultralite X series provides excellent durability and a very lightweight feel, making this a solid tool for those streams that require you to scramble down a mountainside before you get to make your first cast–Ceracoil stripper guides and Recoil snake guides only further strengthen that point. The Ultralite X Rods are made in line weights 5 through 8 to let you find the perfect option whether you’re looking to cast heavy nymph rigs at hefty trout or throw massive streamers at pike laid up in the weeds. 



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