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Pheasant Tail Fly Fishing

Hardy Ultralite Fly Rod

Hardy Ultralite Fly Rod

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The award-winning Ultralite range of fly rods features SINTRIX NSX construction. This proprietary material is based on our industry-changing original SINTRIX technology that has been combined with a second classified material allowing us to build an even lighter and stronger fly rod.

This lighter-weight material provides targeted modification of the blank design while further strengthening the blank strength. The net result is a lighter and more responsive rod that allows the angler to "feel" the line load during the casting stroke, giving greater control than ever before.

The reel seat on the Ultralite is a masterpiece of form and function-moving more of the rod's weight behind the hand, giving unsurpassed in-hand balance. The single start threading resist the reel loosening under heavy use and has a keyed body to further ensure a snug and aligned fit for your reel.
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