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Pheasant Tail Fly Fishing

Hareline Comparadun Hair

Hareline Comparadun Hair

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Al Caucci developed his series of Comparadun Flies in the early 60s, and since then, these flies have become a staple when fishing over picky risers in clear water. However, to tie your Comparaduns properly, you need fine hair without much-trapped air, and Hareline’s Comparadun Hair is just that. This deer hair is the perfect length for tying most sized Comparaduns, and with its lack of buoyancy, it allows you to tie perfect upright wings that float your fly naturally in the water. Available in both a natural color and a dyed dun option, Hareline’s Comparadun Hair is just the ticket whether you’re matching small blue winged olives or large March browns. 


As its name suggests, Hairline’s Comaradun Hair is the perfect choice for tying Comaradun, and Sparkle Dun flies. However, this hair’s uses don’t stop there, as it’s also an excellent option for tying small to medium-sized downwing patterns like caddis, hoppers, and even some stoneflies. 


Although it’s not explicitly sourced for tying Comparadun patterns, Hareline’s Coastal Blacktail Deer Body Hair is a decent substitute. This hair also features a fine texture without much-trapped air, giving the ability to tie up Comparaduns and other patterns that call for deer hair. Due to its broader versatility and tying applications, Coastal Blacktail Hair is a better choice for the angler that needs a few Comparaduns. At the same time, Hareline’s Comaradun Hair is a better option whenever you to strictly tie Comparaduns and no other flies using a patch of hair. 

Example Flies

The two most popular patterns that use Comparadun are the Sparkle Dun and Comparadun. 

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