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Pheasant Tail Fly Fishing

Hareline Core C4647 Barbless Jig

Hareline Core C4647 Barbless Jig

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Core’s C4647 Jig Hooks are versatile enough for all your freshwater needs. These hooks ride point up and are made with a 60-degree jig bend, making them perfect for Czech-style nymphs or any snag-resistant nymphs or any snag-resistant streamer. Their barbless black nickel finish also looks ultra clean while remaining sharp enough for any battle. From drifting nymphs tight to the bottom to strip-setting your first streamer eat of spring, Core’s C4647 Jig Hooks have your back for it all. 



With a 60-degree bend, these hooks are great for tying inverted streamers and nymphs, and many tiers turn to these hooks when whipping up Czech-style nymphs. Made in sizes 4 through 20, these hooks let you match anything from tiny caddis and mayflies all the way to large stoneflies and baitfish imitations. 

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