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Pheasant Tail Fly Fishing

Shilton CR3 Reel

Shilton CR3 Reel

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The Shilton CR3 Fly Reel is a large arbor freshwater reel that offers versatility. The light contemporary design doesn’t sacrifice function or rugged durability and suites any single-handed rod application. The CR3 accommodates lines from 5 to 6 weight and is especially popular for smaller rods utilized on rivers and still waters. This reel is suited to anglers who prefer a super large diameter reel with quick line retrieval. The reel retrieves both incoming and outgoing is silent.

* Diameter- 9.7cm / 3.8″
* Weight- 140g / 4.9 oz
* Line- 5 -6 wt
* Backing- 100+ yards 20lbs + WF6
* Spool- Super Large Arbor
* Click- Silent In and Out
* Protection- Type II Anodize

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