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Pheasant Tail Fly Fishing

TroutHunter Big Game EVO Nylon

TroutHunter Big Game EVO Nylon

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TroutHunter tippet spools deliver superior performance in all aspects of measurement. U.V., fluorescent, and water resistance packaging assures that you are getting the freshest material possible. Slim, larger arbor poly-carbonate tippet spools ensure low memory, while color-coded hydrophobic tippet tenders provide quick identification and water repellency. All spools are transparent so that you may quickly ascertain how much material is left.

TroutHunter Big Game EVO Nylon will appeal to dedicated saltwater and anadromous anglers who target technical fish and value greater strength-to-diameter ratios, higher abrasion resistance, and superior knot strength. Ideal for building custom leaders. Available from 12.1# - 44.8# test on newly designed 3" large arbor spools. 50 meters.

Features Include:
  • High strength-to-diameter ratio
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Available in strengths from 12.1 LB to 44.8 LB
  • Newly designed 3" large arbor spool
  • 50 Meters
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