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Pheasant Tail Fly Fishing

Fly Tying 101

Fly Tying 101

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Are you ready to discover the fun of fly tying? Then you need FLY TYING 101, a great new how-to guide that makes it easier than ever to get started!

Here's what you'll find in this great new tying guide:

Understanding the tools of the trade - from vises to scissors, learn about the essential tools that fly tyers use.

Hooks and thread - Understanding these all-important building blocks of every fly

Essential skills - Learn how to start your thread ... tie in materials ... use beads ... work with yarn, eyes, feathers and foam ... create primary wings ... tie finishing knots ... and much, much more!

Plus detailed and fully illustrated tying instructions to help you learn to tie 30 great patterns for trout, panfish, bass, and even saltwater.

FLY TYING 101 teaches you essential fly tying skills in a carefully designed sequence that allows you to learn key techniques one at a time and at any pace you choose. Along the way, you'll learn to tie 30 great patterns that are as much fun to fish as they are to create. Tying instructions are lavishly illustrated with clear and easy-to-understand original drawings, and special lay-flat coil binding makes it exceptionally convenient to use this guide on your tying bench as you learn.

You'll even find tips on how to fish with each fly!

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